Network Marketing Kitchen




The Network Marketing Kitchen supports direct selling companies in business development, interim management, start-ups and international expansion. It was started with Jonas Hedberg as master chef, based on 20 years experience from direct selling/network marketing in Europe and Africa.

The industry is at a crossroads, being challenged by earning opportunity alternatives as well as by customers’ changing purchase behavior. Companies wanting to stay relevant will need to offer both products or services the customers can’t get anywhere else as well as an earning opportunity that beats current gig economy alternatives.

The Network Marketing Kitchen offers a process and a framework for how to approach these questions. We won’t provide any ready-made answers but we’ll ask the right questions. In other words, we’ll provide the recipe but you’ll be doing the cooking.



Jonas Hedberg has 20 years experience in network marketing/direct sales in general management and start-ups. He has worked with different models such as MLM, party plan as well as Direct To Consumer. Moreover he has experience that ranges from Europe to Northern Africa.